E-learning tool to avoid skill gap

E-learning tool to avoid skill gap

Skill gap is the major issue which is faced by today’s recruiters. Companies look for different ways to bridge the gap with skill development through rigorous practice and skill assessment tool. Many of India’s successful startups have faced challenges like creating leading brands and sustaining for long periods of time. As compared to US it is bit harder in India to create a brand for startups and compete with leading brands.

The major challenges faced by Indian startups are that changing the behavior of users to make them use new product by offering the better/faster/cheaper solutions. Hiring talented senior executives, financing working capital are the issues faced by the startups. Funds management and attracting investors to pool capital funds are faced in the country. Creating job opportunities to millions of job seekers through wisdom jobs and delivering right talent to the top companies to generate more revenue with human capital. Every year millions of graduates are coming out from colleges and it is important to build their career for the development of the country. We are bridging the gap between employers and job candidates with jobs creation.

E -University is an online learning hub and it is built with 6000 skills of IT and NON IT sectors. Content is researched and designed by professional expertise on each skill. It is a boon for students, entry level and experienced professionals to brush up their skills and get practice for further studies and interview process. We’ve built it with high quality and simple content in an easy understanding way. A job candidate also tests their subject proficiency on what they have learned with the help of online tests which is part of e-university.

E ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£university is the foundation to get shortlisted for jobs to take pragnya meter test and publish your pragyna meter score on their job profiles. It is a great opportunity for job seekers to enrich their profile with rich pragnya score and make it as a rich source to gain skills to gain employability and present it to employers and recruiters.

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