Do’s & Don’ts of job postings for Effective Recruiting

Finding the right fit for you jobs positions may be a tough task. Human resource department has to go through many resumes, communications, interviews, documentations, induction, etc. If any error occurs can impact the overall productivity of the organization. That too hiring a wrong-fit will be a waste of organization’s precious resources.

Do’s & Don’ts of job postings for Effective Recruiting


1) Accurate Job Post
Be specific about the job posting content and posting the right content may lead to avoid receiving unnecessary resumes landing to your database which doesn’t match the profile of the job. You need to mention the required education, certifications, skills, and qualifications. Incomplete job postings with irrelevant job descriptions may fail to attract the right candidates.

2) Relevant Titles
It is important to add the industry specific job keywords which candidates usually search and easily understand.

3) Easily Understandable
Make a clear note of the text with different sections including title/heading, subheading, and highlights in bullet points to convey clear and concise information.

4) Be a Marketer
Job postings present your brand and the more informative, and precise the job postings, the better the reach! So make sure that your job postings contain basic company details, industry type, available roles, and incentives.


1) Excessive Requirements
Include limited and relevant information in your job posting. It’s better to keep the hiring formalities/requirements as reduced as you can.

2) Inaccurate Job Profile
When a manager raises a requisition, you need to cross check the specifications at your end. If required consult him/her for more details as per the job posting norms.

3) Check Typos
Having typo errors and spelling mistakes may turn off quality candidate to your job positions. Avoid posting in hurry, double check the grammar and spellings. Double check the posted jobs for better response from the right candidates. If you make such mistakes, it will leave an unprofessional impression on them.

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