Dos and Don’ts of salary negotiations


Handling the salary related question is bit uncomfortable and it makes a job candidate more nervous. We are offering some insights to answer the questions related to the salary negotiations. When an interviewer asked that what salary you are expecting then it is a tough nut to crack. All of us expect great pay and benefits with great work culture also. This is the most important question of an interview and handled with care otherwise it would be a deal breaker. You should think about other factors also when you are dealing with this question. Below questions need to be asking when you are going to attend salary negotiation part:

Whether the ‘job profile’ The ‘job profile’ offer ‘career prospects’ ?
Is your resume showing that you made ‘too frequent job changes’?
Are you changing your domain?
Are you ‘relocating’ to other place?
Do you have unique skills among the job applicants?
Whether you are looking for new job or ‘jobless’?
Whether the offer is your ‘dream job’?
Whether the ‘job profile’ you have been offered meet your career goals?
Once you have confined above facts then follow below dos and don’ts to win in salary negotiations. These are helpful to get through the negotiation part in a remarkable way:

Make them impress with your candidature
Know the pay scale for your role and experience
Let employer make forts move by offering salary
If the role is excited than existing then ready to accept the offer
If you are expertise then ask more than the market standards

Mention about your expectations
Underselling yourself than your current pay
Not having proper documents about your current compensation
Pricing yourself for the job as per your assumption
Expecting unrealistic hike

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