Does your employees happy?


A recent survey by recruitment firms reveals that an employee in an organization changes their jobs six to eight times in their professional tenure. People of this generation lead their life by spending most of their professional tenure at same job. But present days it is hard to manage people and retain employees for ling time with commitment on same job. So what are the steps suggested by companies to make their employees happy? How an employer may increase their employee’s loyalty with firm commitment towards work? What are the factors required to decide the employee’s commitment like money or rewards? But it is known true that just acknowledging their work is the parameter for employee satisfaction. These days money matters less as compare to other benefits like recognition and performance development areas. Below facts may make employees feel excited to come to work:

Increase creativity: When there is lot of scope for stress there will be less chances of creativity then there will be no space for innovation. Freedom at work will leads to innovation and organizations also recognize the importance of ideal work environment.

Recognition: Recognition play key role in employee development activities and it works as boosting tonic to come to office. But some work places are lacking this kind of appreciation and employees works like machines and come to office without enthusiasm. Employees always expects appreciation in form of recognition from their bosses like a sincere thank you, a pat on the back, a simple recognition among peers are a few things that go a long way when compared with monthly monetary benefits or bonus.

Fun at work place: Energy is the most happening thing to survive at work place. An energetic employee passes their energy to next employee as a viral. These energies make the floors with live and fun. Ensure some activities that will take employees off their daily tasks and out from their workstations and closer to their colleagues such as pool table, Graffiti walls, high tea sessions etc.

Create variety of work: Doing the same work for years may create boredom and lacks interest. Creating different work will help employees to think from out of box and handle multiple roles. It will create win- win situation among employees and employers.

Communication: Communication also play key role in organization culture like frequent discussions with employees and day offs with work stations.

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