Do you know what the things you should never say to your boss are?


Most of the times, some employees have to coordinate with their bosses in order to perform their daily duties. It is very important for employees to have good communication with their boss, because going against boss may badly affect their career. Thinking before speaking is a good policy. This is how to improve communication skills and things you should never say to your boss:

• I want a hike: One should never talk about salary hike by telling their financial problems to the boss. Your boss may not care about your financial problems and only reward high performing employees. If you are really a high performing employee, then raise a request with an evidence of what all you have achieved for the company and also show what people with your responsibilities earn.
• It is not at all possible: Your boss might call you and assign you some work, thinking that you are capable of doing that work. But you go and simply say to your boss that “it is not at all possible”. This is not the right way. While you are talking to your boss, think in terms of solving a problem for him/her rather than putting problems.
• I am not comfortable or I am not able to adjust: Having conflicts with co-workers in the work place is common. But complaining about your co-workers personality or performance to your boss, will affect you more than your co-worker. If you really have a problem with your co-worker and if you want to raise a complaint then first speak with the management. Keep your tone professional and the focus on work, not personal issues.
• I don’t know: Your boss might be a asking a question and he/she is expecting a right response from you. At this point of time you may simply say as ‘I don’t know’. If you really don’t know the answer, then instead of saying I don’t know, tell them that you will find a right way.
• Can you write that down for me?: If you are in a meeting with your boss and he/she is telling you some important points to be implemented later. You dint carry your notes and you ask your boss to note that points for you. Remember that he/she is your boss and not your subordinate. It’s your duty to make a note of all the points that are told to you.
• That’s not my job: Sometimes when the company has some deadline to meet and the boss is asking for your support to complete the work on time. At this point of time, you should not say ‘that’s not my job’. The work assigned to you may not be related to you in any way, but extending your support may make you more valuable and improve employee engagement.
• It’s not my fault: You may have worked on a project with a team and some problem occurred while executing that project. Boss might call you for a clarification. You may be wrongly blamed for a problem, but still don’t say that ‘It’s not my fault’, rather say as ‘what can we do to make it right’.
• Some of the other things that you should never say to your boss may include: ‘I know that’, ‘but we have always done it this way, ‘I can’t do this because I have some other work to finish’, I have another offer, can this job match up with that’, ‘but I emailed you about that last week’ etc.

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