Do you know how to say ÔÇÿNoÔÇÖ?

Saying ÔÇÿNo is not an easy task, but you can handle some situations by saying NO when you dont have time to do for that and if the work is not related to you or if it burdens you more. If you learn some tips you can say ÔÇÿNo in a natural and sincere way.

Say No or No thanks: Saying a simple thanks to NO will helps to improve your relationships.

I have my own policy: Prepare a statement saying that I have my own policyÔÇØThat I never lend money to anybody or never make purchases or spending without knowing to my partner or partners. Saying these kind of statements promptly can help you in escaping from bad debts.

I have pre plans: Saying direct phrases like I have pre plans to come rather than saying I cant come can help you in avoiding smoothly. Some unwanted invitations also can be avoided by saying softly; I have another event Ive committed to this evening.

Not Now: Instead of saying direct No, you can also say the phrase ÔÇ£May be not nowÔÇØ. This implies to accept the situation of others in future, if you have any possibility.

Better say No instead of doing poor job: If you dont get time or busy with your works and if you thought, that would spoil your relationship, then say NO rather than doing poor job.

Before accepting any offer, know your possibilities and step it accordingly. Spend your time according to your priorities and what truly help you to do best.

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