Do you know about pragnya meter exam and its importance in job search?

pragnya meter

Wisdom Jobs is a unique 4th generation job portal and operating from 12 Countries around the globe. We understand the needs of today’s job market with a vision to facilitate a better career for an individual job seeker. We are pioneers in the market with our innovative products like E-university and Pragnya Meter which are most useful tools to the job seekers. These tools help the job seekers to standout as featured applicants in the job market.

What is prganya meter exam?

Graduating in a competitive job market does not guarantee you a job but it qualifies you to apply for jobs. Its competitive world and you need to showcase your specific strengths and skills to be unique in this cutthroat competitive job market. We’ve designed Pragnya tests to explore your skills on your skillset and demonstrate them to the headhunters. It has built with 6000+ skillsets with 30 million interesting and knowledgeable multiple choice questions to discover your readiness to the job market.

How pragnya score will benefit?

We strive to match the right talent with right opportunity in the market. To expedite the process we are collaborated with many companies. We have succeeded in exploring the potential of the candidates with our Pragnya Meter test. We ensure maximum security standards to protect the data of our users.
Pragnya score appears on job seekers profile with pragnya logo
It grabs the attention of recruiters while searching for profiles
Get shortlisted easily with good pragnya score
Get practiced well for interviews with pragnya tests
Test your subject skills with pragnya tests
A good pragnya score will boost your confidence levels
Get accessed easily on 24/7 basis
You can choose your slot on various experience levels
Get immediate test feedback once you complete your test
Easy to answer multiple choice questions
24/7 support team to answer your queries
User friendly and easy to operate test procedure
You can schedule the test on your convenient date and time
Take test from your place with internet access
Great opportunity to develop your technical skills


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