Do you know about good stress?

All of us know that stress is bad and creates negative effects on us. Stress is that how our mind and body reacts to the more work renders by us. Stress and distress are two terms normally we use to for positive and negative kind of stresses. Distress is the negative kind of stress that the body handles differently, and has negative physical and psychological effects. So, does your body recognize distress?

This kind of distress happens when we go for interviews or answering interview questions. A recent study in job search reveals that moderate amount of stress actually improves performance. When you encountered this kind of stress you may get the feeling that you have perform better. The other kind of stress may create physical symptoms like headaches, stomach upsets, dizziness, excessive sweating, cold feet, depression, lack of enthusiasm, and then it will hamper performance and is now categorized as Distress. You cannot avoid stress as it is part of life and living. The excitement that good stress brings can be something which can only be felt. Below steps may helpful to overcome stress.

Awareness about stress factors and knowing about stress and taking necessary factors to may helpful to face about it

Once you recognized that you are suffering from stress take constructive steps to prevent it

Once you are confirmed that you are suffering from stress, it is a situation that can be handles well.

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