Do you have finished your education and searching for jobs?

Job Search

Most of us will finish their education and start searching for jobs with great enthusiasm and confidence. The below facts may be helpful to have employability skills to get land in better career.

Your job search process: Analyze yourself that “How you are moving in your job-search? Applying for all jobs without having any target doesn’t serve the process. Set a goal and work as per your field and interest. Your job search process should reflect your target and enthusiasm about your job.

► Your CV: Your resume should be in a way that it should present all of your details to the employers in a detailed way. Maintain different profile for each skillset you have and apply for jobs accordingly that. It is very important to highlight your skills and experiences of that corresponding job and exhibit your interest in detail.

► Your knowledge about the applying company: Do research about the company before applying for a job. It is better to know more about a company functionlaities, in which areas it has been operating and its uniqueness may be helpful to answer the questions effectively about the company.

Your Interview skills: Getting an interview call doesn’t mean that landing in job. Do prepare well about the interview tips and take mock interviews in front of your friends and family members take feedback from them. Identify the areas where you have to improve yourself and rectify your drawbacks by taking the feedback in a positive way.

Your interpersonal skills: An interviewer observes many aspects while taking an interview. They not only consider your experiences, qualification and academic background and they will also observe your attitude, communication skills, friendly nature and the way you communicate them through mails and telephonic conversations.

Your references: Due to the growing importance of social networking, it is important to have reference contacts. Make ensure that the given contact details should be in existing and the persons you have referred should have positive opinion on you. It adds value if the referred person knows about you and your working nature.

Your network skills: It is important to have networking in this globalised competitive market. Network with your friends and people who are in your domain.

Apart from the above facts, be positive and confident while searching for job opportunities and attending for interviews.


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