Do you feel that you’re past job experience matters in present job?

Do you feel that you're past job experience matters in present job

Is it that much important of my past professional experience and knowledge in applying present job. Today’s work environment is so competitive and many employers are looking for candidates on most important matching skills. But it is better to not focus more on your past experience as it is updated can easily if needed. Many institutes are offering course certifications for short time period on same experience you have. It will add value to your profile and creates an impression that you are much focused and more career oriented personality. The most important things an employer looks for are adaptability and learning adaptability.

Adaptability: Today’s organizations’ and recruiters looking for the candidates who are able to convert themselves to the adapted situations and restructured processes in companies. It is more important to convert yourself to the changing mode with your past experience. For example change in the hierarchical system, team leads and reporting person. Here you need to adapt to the new system quickly to get same results as earlier.

Learning skills: It is more important to analyze yourself that what have been learned from your past experience? Did you apply the new learning’s to the work environment? Today’s competitive world it is more important to have learning skills than any idea or knowledge. It is matters that you how fast will learn and execute the things and reapply the same to get the desired result.It is also happens that you may not succeeded in past experiences and doesn’t get the desired results. Then you have to learn from your past experiences and implement the same in future projects. Updating yourself with new tools and digital medium will work out to get succeed in any product implementation. So focus more on above two points to standout among the crowd at work place or interview.

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