Did you know? Negative feedback improves an employee performance

Did you know? Negative feedback improves an employee performance

According to a recent research negative feedback improves efficiency and it brings out the best in employees. It will show good results with the people who work for more years in the same company. As they feel that they are working more and it affects their performance. If anybody pointed out the gaps and praising negative attributes then it helped them to work much better. There is a method to the process of giving negative feedback.

Make sure you have given in a good way: It is also known fact that nobody wants to work in an environment where criticism and negative feedback are more. If an employee uses the negative feedback in a right way it will be a motivating factor for them. But the feedback should be focused by recognizing the areas where they have to be improved.

Give supporting data: When you are giving feedback you should add some supporting data related to the employee’s performance. You should be avoided the opinions which are not relevant and, matching to the job performance of an employee. Use performance guidelines as parameter but not suggested to compare with other employees.

Be profitable to both: Listen to the employee and try to understand from his part and accept the feedback you got it from their point of view. It is also an opportunity to the employee to know the concerns from his point of view also.

Don’t blame others: It is known fact that no employee is ready to take blame in any situation like reviews, layoffs, performance evaluations etc.

Cover all points: It will add value when you are highlighting strengths and weakness along with the areas of development whenever you are gibing negative feedback. Act in a positive way when you are giving negative feedback.

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