5 Most Demanding Roles in Travel Industry

Here are the most demanding roles in travel industry

A recent study mentioned that travel and hospitality sector saw an average 3 per cent rise in demand as compared to the previous year. Online travel sector is growing at considerable rate with online gross bookings. Technology is the key element that has changed the face of many industries including travel industry. Here are the profiles that demand more in travel industry.

Web designer: It is must to have a website for each travel agent and that website should be user friendly and attractive to lure the customers. The other roles in demand are content developers or travel bloggers who write about destinations and aspirational holidays, amongst other things. The other skills in demand are web design, application and content development.

Customer service: Customer services are major part of any business which attracts the customers. This is most integral part of service-oriented industry such as travel and hospitality. It helps to improve the number of customers and improve relationships with existing customers. A customer service professional is expected to have strong knowledge of the industry and able to deal with the diverse needs of customers. Recruiters from travel industry look for the candidates with good communication skills, quick presence of mind.

Product developers: Product developers get good package in travel industry as they need to have innovative skills in designing different holiday packages. Product developers with great innovative skills will have great career in travel industry.

Sales and marketing: Sales and marketing professionals with enough experience of event management and computer graphics are in demand in the travel industry. A good salesman will be a bridge between the customer and travel agency.

Tour managers: Tour managers will be with you during the tour and makes your tour more memorable. Candidates who are looking for the career as tour managers need to interact closely with customers, trustworthy and smart candidates are in demand.

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