Demand for Senior Professionals in 2017

New Delhi: Senior experts saw improved demand in January 2017, even on the whole, recruitment thrust caught up by 4% in January 2017. Professionals with more than 20 years of skill have been witnessing outstanding growth of about100% since November 2016 reports the latest Recruiters- the recruitment index by Wisdom Jobs.

Demand for Senior Professionals in 2017

Focus on Technology, Infrastructure and Manufacturing in the recently proclaimed Finance Budget 2017 is probably going to additionally enhance the requirement for senior professionals across these sectors, as reported by Recruiters.

Key takeaways from Wisdom Jobs Recruiters
Demand for senior professionals with over 20 years of experience has risen up by 17% and for Law and Legal services sectors it has rise up to 20% for talented experts. The demand for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology experts has risen by 24%. Among the metro cities only bengaluru is the major metro city which has witnessed a rise of 1% in demand.

Demand for senior professionals
During January 2017, there has been a rise of 17% reported for professionals with over 20 years of experience. Interesting fact is that there is a consistent 10% rise in demand for senior professionals over the last three months.

On the other hand, none of the other experience categories have seen a rise in demand during last month.  There was a 10% drop in demand for freshers. Experts with less than 2 years of knowledge has seen a 7 % drop in the past three months.

Legal & law services rank as top employing division
Law & Legal services stand as the top engaging sectors for the month, followed by the financial & accounting sectors. There is an increased growth of 20% for talented personnel for legal and law industry in the month of January 2017.

The accounting sector also witnessed a 12% rise in talent demand during January 2017. The Media & Entertainment sector posted a 2% rise in demand, at the same time information technology and telecom sectors reported stable demand every month.

Demand for Biotech & Pharma professionals
There is a whopping 24% rise in demand for Biotechnologists and pharmaceutical experts in January 2017. These highly specialized functional experts have observed an average rise of 10% in demand since November 2016.

In addition, as a result of increase in employment activities in the legal & law sectors, demand for lawyers and legal experts also grew by 21% in January 2017. Quality and process control professionals have a 4% rise in talent demand, while professionals in petrochemicals, oil & gas domains saw a 3% rise in demand during January 2017.

Bengaluru witnesses rise for talent requirement 
Among metros, Bengaluru was the only metro to report growth (1%) in talent demand. Bengaluru also reported a standard rise of 2% in talent requirement over the last three months. Arunachal Pradesh was the best performing state with a 12% rise in talent requirement during January 2017. Among other major locations, Chandigarh saw a 3% rise in talent requirement, followed by Jaipur with a 2% rise.

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