Current challenges in the Indian HR industry

The emerging new business models creating challenges to traditional mode of business models. The age of digital revolution is creating many opportunities for HR. Here are some challenges that HR teams need to deal with to make a great impact.

challenges in the Indian HR industry.

●  Re-skilling the workforce: Times are gone when college degree is sufficient to perform at
workplace. Now we are in the age of re-skilling and at the same time the focus also shifted from instructor to
the learner. Leaning is essential to  upgrade skills as per the changing trends in the industry. Re-skilling
helps a person to gain more competitive advantage and build competence and achieve more new experiences and
learn new skills that may sometimes be completely alien to them, on the job. Here both managers and employees
need to take the initiative to get the benefits of new age  learning.

●  Identifying today the jobs for tomorrow: HR professionals need to be future ready by
preparing for the talent readiness. They need to identify the future requirements and need to be ahead of the
curve in identifying the trends that  will act as ‘disruptors’.

●  Breaking the silos, right at the top: HR professionals need to break the barriers at the
ground level. Building bridges at the top may make all the difference. Silos are broken top down and never
bottoms up.

●  Benefits 2.0: It is also important to maintain the “one size fits all’ approach towards
employee benefits. It is true that  each employee is unique but should maintain uniformity in offering
benefits to all.

●  Fostering change successfully: With rapid digitalization and the advance in AI & Machine
learning, change is essential and important to determine the organizational success.

●  Reinventing HR: HR professionals are working on conventional ways since a long time. To
contribute more effectively in  the Digital age, HR professionals need to speed up embracing of Digital,
Social & Analytical skills

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