This is How to Create a Mobile Friendly Resume

Mobile recruitment is a new generation hiring method as many recruiters are following this tool to get more applications for their job postings. As the usage of mobile phones had become a trend today that almost everyone these days uses their smart phones at work. Alongside, recruiters too are using gadgets for recruiting purpose, which means you need to have your resume optimized for a mobile. As the need for the market increases, the focus on the variety of recruitment process has also immensely came out. Recent study has shown that many recruiters had been using mobiles for hiring process. So, to match this technical age of recruiting, One must consider the followings things to make their resumes mobile friendly.

This is How to Create a Mobile Friendly Resume

  • Keep it simple:
    This means quite a few things. It involves keeping your resume clean, neat and simple. It requires the candidates to maintain their resume as short as possible to make it have a better view for smaller screens. It involves not using any odd colors pr crazy formatting for framing your resumes. Before sending your resume to the confined person, make sure you send it to your email and check how it looks on your phone.


  • Be concise and to the point:
    Experts say to include all of that information regarding your accomplishments, career activities and achievements to the top of the resume and leave the least important to the bottom. As the recruiters do not scroll down to the bottom on every resume, this format of resume ensures that you or on a top list. So, showcase your talents and skills for the desired position.


  • Ensure your resume is mobile friendly:
    Recruiting isn’t always on mobile phones, it’s through tablets too. Multiple devices have the multiple screen sizes and inbuilt programs for opening a text document. So test your document on as many devices possible to ensure it reads perfectly. There’s nothing worse than recruiters not able to view or download your resume. Always save your resume in the PDF format for an easy mobile viewing.

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