Corporate story telling: Read This

Corporate presentations include PowerPoint presentations, Graphical descriptions, and data analysis reports along with daily office meetings. How effectively you will narrate your story, you will hold attention of your presentations. Many managers are expertise in preparation of Power Point presentations. Many times we may observe that people looks lack of interest in meetings because of they get bored with improper presentations. Make your presentation more interesting with below tips. Then people may not feel boredom in their presentation.

1. Consumer presentations

Presentation about your consumers may explain effectively with graphical presentation of sales and other data. Then add some consumer experiences and their stories. Then it looks more effective and creates great interest among the audience.

2. Add funny stories

Many times meetings will be with hot discussions and sometimes people may lose their cool. So change the environment with funny story narration with relevance to the subject. Even the participants will also get relaxation and meeting will go on right track and good decisions were made.

3. POD stories

If you dont have the required data to present immediately, then narrate a story that should present a visual picture of the data. You can speak about the latest development happening in the company.

4. BIG Stories

BIG means Boss Is Great Stories. Use this tip and it will help put the boss in a reasonably elevated mood for the rest of the day.

5. Gossip stories

Narrate some gossips and use them to get popularity in your organization. These gossips should be simple and should not hurt anybody or should not impact organization brand.

6. Tales of woe

Sometimes you need to tell these kinds of stories to deal with some situations in the office. You can use some tales of woe to pass on the situation.


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