Corporate social responsibility: JOBSMATE by wisdomjobs


Corporate social responsibility is an initiative undertaken by many companies reveals value of its proposition to employee value proposition. Even not companies and employees also taking part in corporate social responsibility initiatives which is becoming as a strategic imperative. A company’s CSR initiative not only attracts businesses but also to retain talented employees also. Recent surveys reveal that young jobseekers prefer to join in organizations which explore corporate citizenship. 64% of them showed interest towards s the organizations which take part in social activities and create impact on society. Among the total survey more than half people are ready to bring out change in society with their active participation and remaining people are not interested towards society and want to spend time for them. Big corporate giants like Infosys, Tata, GE, Cisco and IBM are initiating positive levels to society in many ways.

Even many corporate companies are encouraging their employees to take part in corporate social responsibility initiatives. Survey also reveals that core values of a company are also value of employee value proposition. Employees these days are concentrating on society rather than concentrating their own benefits. Even the employees also associated with corporate philanthropy, creation of sustainable products and services and corporate ethics and governance.

Wisdomjobs has taken initiative to help poor children education as part of corporate social responsibility initiative. They have launched a program called support a child which offers free education facility to poor children through jobs mate social app. Jobs mate is asocial app which can be accessed through facebook and it contains job listings from top employers. You can perform job search without leaving your facebook page and you can also perform social networking at the same time. Each subscription made through jobs mate will be added Rs 1 to a poor child education fund for purchasing infrastructure like books, bags, pencils, pens and other things required for a school going child. It is a great initiation for helping a child education and society through its activities.

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