Companies that digitise workforce stand to win: Report

Companies that digitise workforce stand to win

According to the report titled ‘Workforce Transformation in the Digital Vortex.’, companies that not yet built digital workforce will fail to build the capabilities that they will need to succeed in an era of digital disruption. The report mentioned the importance of digitalization processes in order to build a workforce that is agile, innovative and engaged. It is important for the companies to focus on business processes and technology and pay attention to employees and empower their workforce with new forms of communication and insights. The study mentioned that only 10% executives considered their firms’ workforce management to be excellent in three foundational capabilities for digital business agility:
Hyper-awareness or an ability to sense what is going on throughout the enterprise, among competitors and in the marketplace;
Informed decision-making, or using data and analytics to empower the workforce
Fast execution or rapid response once the decision is made.

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