Companies looking for management skills plus technical knowledge candidates

With the advancement of digitization and data driven business models, the skills required from the candidates also changing drastically. The change in the requirement of skill set, the corporate training industry is changing significantly in 2017. The growth is proportional to increase in the invention of new technologies.

Technology has grown rapidly in 2017 than any other year. The fast paced emerging technologies are Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Tableu Tool, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Data Science and Analysis, BlockChain, Squish Tool, Selenium and Automation, Intelligent Apps, Digital Twin.

Companies looking for management skills plus technical knowledge

In 2017 the industry has witnessed remarkable changes related to digitization of the industry. Professionals who have both management and technology skills witnessed a rise in 30-40% demand of such professionals. Experts predict that demand for dual skills ‘techno-management’ and ‘techno-sales’ personnel will increase in future.

Industry outlook 2018

Technology industry is growing at rapid pace in 2018. With the emerging tools and growing digitization of the industry, the technology training industry is growing rapidly. These are customized learning solutions as per the industrial domain of the organization.

Major trends to observe in 2018

● Organizations will invest more on new recruitments through technology and corporate training and learning solutions.
● Human resourcing/recruitments will transform into data driven and it is must to improve online presence through portals such as Github, Grabcad, Google Scholar, etc.
● While many new organizations are entering in to the global market as well as many new organizations entering the Indian Market for recruitment.
● Most emerging skills will be mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and remote testing.

Key highlights of 2017

● Less focus on mass recruitment and more focus on skilled recruitment
● Increase automation processes have deceased recruitments through consultancy services and IT service providers.
● Shift towards skill building of workforce through technology training and learning solutions rather than hiring workforce.

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