Companies avoid appraising staff against peers


Some companies like mircosoft, Adobe, HCL and some other companues are following the traditional mathods to apprise the employees. Even they are adapting some innovative methods to rewarding high performers. HR industry experts believe IT companies are taking such challenges head-on because they have the most to lose. These changes will encourage greater speed, creativity and teamwork to help us bring innovation to market faster and better serve our customers,” said by head of human resources, Microsoft India. Previously Adobe used Stack Rank method to apprise employees and “It was a rearview process of looking back one year on how the year was and we would compare our employees with each other to arrive at compensation decisions. We realized we were not really helping people improve their performances or helping in their career objectives. Additionally, we want that our systems and processes to help us retain our talent and keep them engaged (instead of them being dejected and choosing to leave),” said by , senior director, HR, Adobe Asia-Pacific.

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