Your social media profile tells a lot to the potential employers and your profile viewers. Personal branding is the word which taking great phenomenon and occupying first place in present world. Earlier only companies use to worry about their personal brands but now personal branding is also gaining momentum in these social media days. Below mistakes are usually done by the users and affects the personal brands:

In detail profile: Having good writing skills will help you in posting good profile. Typo errors and incomplete profile says that you are not paying much attention to your profile. Even if you pack your profile with keywords to draw the attention of recruiters, the recruiters will not contact you if they see a sloppy profile. Better you proof read your profile well to not misrepresent you.

Not knowing about social media profile usage: Before participating in any social media sites then find out what is considered and discourse the employees if they consider you as inappropriate on social media sites. An employer may thought that your lack of awareness may also apply to the workplace also.

Very few connections: It is easy to build social media network on social media sites but if your profile is simple then people may not connect with you. If you have very few people in your network connections and expects people to come to you then make a point of getting involved in the different social media sites that you are on and join groups of likeminded people.

Personal details: Make sure of your professional headline, biography and tagline will lawyers says about you that what you are going to offer with a potential employer. Project your designations in a great way to grab the attention of users. Use creativity and how your profile heading in a great way to add value to your profile. You also highlight your profile though your own blog or twitter and give a direct link of your profile. Also include your accomplishments and achievements in various headings for the positions you applied for social media jobs.

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