Cloud computing to drive innovation

Cloud computing to drive innovation

Cloud computing is occupying great place in present IT market and expected fuel innovation. Recent study on cloud computing reveal that, 67 percent of companies with less than $1 billion have adopted cloud computing at some level of their business. Companies are using could computing solutions to save their expenses and many of them are started to use in different ways as generating and new markets and generating new revenues. The major benefits added with cloud computing is as below:

More collaboration: Companies which use cloud computing is to collaborate with organization. Cloud computing offers more network and connections. More businesses are collaborating and explore knowledge on global basis which leads to more innovation and research.

Quick decision making: Cloud computing help companies to take better decisions with more evidences. It also helps companies in generating better ideas with more creativity and analysis.

Using Saas model: More than 90 percent companies have been using cloud and Saas model to offer reliable, speed and scalable solutions. With the new functionalities companies are able to transform business processes and deliver results.

More expertise: Cloud can help companies benefit from both scale and specialization, says an IT professional. It also allows finding important skills which are different to find in earlier.

More integration: Cloud provides integration among the IT development activities and mobile development. Cloud not only helps companies integrate their mobile apps with existing transactional systems; it also provides the scalable infrastructure these new apps require.

Enhanced customer relationship management: Cloud computing helps to reinvent customer relationships in a positive way. Cloud enables companies to learn customer preferences and deliver more relevant offers, products and services. It also help integrate processes and systems to serve customers better or engage them in new social or mobile ways that were not possible before, says chief operating officer of a company.

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