Check if you have done these common mistakes when you are changing career?

Check if you have done these common mistakes when you are changing career?

If you want to change you career because of the reasons that you are fed-up with your old job and lost enthusiasm in your career and looking for better opportunity. There are many mistakes need to be avoided in the process of career changing. Changing career is a tough task and it may create assumptions that you will get a job or not? Because of today’s stressful working conditions and less salaries and high expectations it is common to change careers. If you cover-up below mistakes while changing your job it will help you in changing your career graph.

Have good financial plan: Have good savings in life and it will increase your confidence levels while searching for jobs. Changing career is risky job and don’t expect high pay from initial and save up at least six months of your salary before you plan a change of career. Otherwise it will create fight between survival and existence.

No proper networking: Networking is important for the jobseekers’ who wish to change their career and it is also important to start networking with the same career path in same filed. Then you will get information on same jobs from the same group and referrals for jobs also.

Neglecting education: You need to have related education back ground and technical skills to change your career graph. You need to have related credentials to get a good job in new career and it is also nessacary to know the changes in current industry.

Don’t expect a change in overnight: Take time and think for minimum 6 months or extend it for one year to be expertise in chosen filed. This process can be frustrating and you may have experiences that will bog you down, but you need to keep your calm and let time work its wonders for you.

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