Changing face of recruitment tools: A Snapshot


Finding the right talent for a right job is bit complicated in nowadays because of finding the right skilled person. Many organizations are using old methods to recruit the perfect manpower by giving the job ads on job boards, news papers in hiring the right talent. To avoid the skill gap and find the right talent organizations are innovating some creative recruiting tools. Below list of recruiting tools are used by some top employers:

Direct mails: Send list of mails to the targeted group to the potential all candidates by letting know them about the job opportunities.

Digital content: Post the job opportunities in official blogs and management and career concepts. Create videos and digital stories to showcase your work culture and organizational history to attract the prospective candidates.

Mobile campaign: Use mobile apps to generate and spread content to the target group.

Advertising: Post jobs on non career related platforms where jobseekers spend their most of time like social networks facebook,twitter,google+,you tube and others.

Online social media platform: Online social media platforms are the venues to access numerous jobseekers and the exhibit the opportunities you have.

Job ads in an innovative way: Reinvent the new job ads by developing the attention grabbing subject lines, tag lines, catchy captions, brief description about the job vacancies and about the organization.

Using keywords and SEO: Do research about the common keywords used on Google to optimize in Google search. Use relevant keywords on your blog, website and maximize the traffic to your website.

Conduct games and contests: Conduct contests to grab the attention of individuals by submitting the applications to receive prizes or gifts as you mentioned. Select ideas from the given candidates and chose the bright candidate for the position you have applied.

Products and services: Combine your job postings integrated with your products and services as a marketing campaign.

Online groups: Target the online groups and communities and highlight your requirement to find the unique talent.

Ex employees: Keep in touch with ex employees who have relieved from your company. Make a group of your old alumni and connect with them these job opportunities find the right talent.

Jobseekers that have applied but not selected: Some candidates who have applied earlier but not selected due to the talented workforce at the time. So search again and call back them for this fresh opportunities.

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