Challenging work profile attracts mid level managers: Study

Recent survey mentioned that right managerial skills and leadership skills are the biggest challenges in hiring mid level managers. Responding to the question trend in middle management hiring over last year 40 percent job seekers responded that hiring of middle management has increased. More than 32 percent job seekers responded that hiring has decreased and only 28 percent job seekers felt that hiring has been stable.

mid level managers

Challenging work profile

Over 23 percent recruiters  witnessed middle managers are attracted by challenging work profile, over 32 percent middle managers look for learning and development opportunities, only 12 percent said money as a key factor and very less percentage (8%) attract towards designation and 4 percent of middle manager stake in to account perks and other benefits.

Rewards and work profile

More than 40 percent recruiters responded that rewards and recognition keep middle managers engaged and only 2 percent said that money is the primary cause in attracting the middle managers, over 40 percent mentioned that challenging work profile attracts mid managers and 18 percent recruiters mentioned that authority makes them to get engaged.

Leadership skills

More than 20 percent hiring managers mentioned that getting right domain skills is a big challenge ,over 72 percent  hiring managers mentioned that getting the right managerial skills is a biggest challenge and 8 percent said managing salary expectations the biggest leadership skills challenge in hiring mid level managers.

Skill gap

Over 60 percent recruiters saw skill gap in middle management, at the flip side 32 percent recruiters do not see a skill gap and 44 percent recruiters mentioned that skill has widened over the past three years. More than 32 percent mentioned that skill gap has been diminished and over 24 percent feel that it has been the same.

How to bridge the skill gap?

However, 36 percent recruiters planning to use in housetraining to bridge the skill gap and 32 percent felt that job rotation may works to bridge the skill gap in middle managers. Over 30 percent prefer virtual training programs and only 2 percent mentioned specialized courses may helpful to fill the skill gap.

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