Build your online presence to optimize your job search

Build your online presence to optimize your job search

Today social media recruitment is the innovative way of recruitment method. Employers are going through your profile before you get a call for job interview. This can make or break your career deal. Social media recruitment is gaining momentum as it reduces the hassles in the process. When you start job search then perform a quick search on Google and delete the information which impact your job search if you find any. It is also known fact that what you think may not be right to other person. Make little efforts to be professional online and offline. Below listed things are not expected to seen by recruiters on social media or any other channel.

Your opinion matters: If you have a different opinion about a political party, public party or politician. It is not better to involve such kind of discussions as it goes as viral on social media. So make sure that your opinions are not affecting your job search. Generally, organizations are looking for the candidates who would not get the company in news.

Comments posted: Tweets and comments posted by you should not present you as a racist, drunker, druggist, involved in scandals and you have an abusive life style. If you are part of this then remove all these comments and posts immediately.

About your previous company: If you have faced bad experiences in your previous company and posted the same on social media. If so then delete them with an immediate effect and it is also not advisable to post about your boss also.

Photography: Pics you have posted on your social media sites should create a professional impression. If you have any awkward pics then remove them because any employer doesn’t want to see their employees like that.

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