Body Language for solid Career Growth

Body Language

Body language is the effective communication tool in present day’s professional life. An accurate gesture will improve our lives and it improves our lives and impacts in a great way that how others see us. Gestures clearly express our thoughts, ideas and opinion about us to enable communication in a great way. These are differing as per different cultural aspects. These gestures convey different messages in different countries. For example thumb up gesture is carried in different ways by different countries. In India, it means terrific or everything is fine, it has negative connotations in Australia, Iran and Nigeria. In Japan, it means five, and in Turkey, it refers to the right-wing political party. The other gesture that bringing down your index finger closer convey that in India it means perfect and in France, it means worthless; in Japan, it refers to money; in Germany, it is rude; and in Malta, Greece and Brazil, it is an insult.

A recent study reveals that 95 percent of communication consist body language and remaining 5 percent consist of words. Understanding the body language plays major role in professional life and not just because we may look the part, exude confidence, and act assertively, it also plays key role in getting succeed in an interview. Below things are considered as very important in job interview:

Crossing legs and arms: Crossing your arms and legs may indicate that you are in tensed condition and it is also noted that putting your hands behind your legs also is a sign of over confidence.

Clear eye contact: When you are dealing with a second person maintain clear eye contact and it is also indicated that lack of eye contact is a clear indication of insecure.

Body postures: Show the postures that you are confident and if you bend too much then it means that you are arrogant.

Listen carefully: Listening to others is the key role player in success of professional life.

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