Big data: The Next Big Thing

Big data: the next big thing

Big data can be used to take better decision making and big fat paid jobs. Big data is most demanding jobs of today’s market at the peak cycle. There is plenty of information is available to discuss about big data industry and related jobs. There is an estimation that nearly 4 million new jobs have been created within big data and related fields by the year ending of 2015. The corporations, digital & social media and the Internet of Things are looking for talented big data professionals to fuel the growth.

There is also a criticism that many companies are investing on big data infrastructure and they are not utilizing the same for making decisions. There is a need of a drastic shift which need to be made through out the big data technology, infrastructure setting up to enabling managers engineer better decisions through data. This is also called as the Decision Engineering which allows taking better engineered business decisions with the help of big data which will be a big thing the year 2015.

There is a strong need of skilled manpower and competitive workforce to facilitate the big data professionals who are able to us eth e big data tools and deliver better engineering decisions. Big data analytics sector is facing shortage of right talent and industry need talented big data professionals who have right skills and competencies to develop a basket of data driven solutions for multi-faceted problems faced by the industry. You can also check your subject proficient through our pragnya meter test and present your skill level on your profile to standout among the group.

Candidates with below skills are required for big data industry:

Big data engineers: Should be proficient in Hadoop, Cloud Era, PIG, Hive Map Reduce will be included in big data management, integration and wrangling.

Big data scientists: These people works with advanced algorithms and self learning modes on different skills such as Gradient Boosted Models, Support Vector Machines, Random Forest, Collaborative Filtering, Bayesian Statistics etc.

Cross-Functional skills: The other skills like strong communication, in-depth domain knowledge and good consulting skills will add value to your profile.

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