Best browser 2014: Which should you be using?

Best browser 2014: Which should you be using

Which one is the best browser for you? Is it windows 8 or windows XP.

  • Best browser for speed

1. Safari 197.9ms
2. Opera 174.4ms
3. Chrome165.2ms
4. Firefox 157.9ms
5. Internet Explorer (desktop)94.7ms
6. Internet Explorer (modern)93.1ms

  • Best browser for add-ons: Firefox is the king of this category and chrome is next and opera browser also occupied next place.
  • Best browser for Windows 8: Explorer is best over other browsers but windows 8, IEs good choice for tablets and others.
  • Best browser for Windows 7: IE king of speed and Chrome and Firefox wins the edge.
  • Best browser for OS X: Chrome 191.8ms ,Opera 190.4ms and Firefox 185.6ms
  • Best browser for privacy: Firefox and chrome offers privacy features with more options.
  • Best for HTML5

1. Chrome 505
2. Firefox 448
3. Opera 392
4. Internet Explorer (modern) 376
5. Internet Explorer (desktop) 372
6. Safari 260
7. Chrome Score

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