India Inc is taking measures and introducing innovative strategies to keep their employees fitness on right track and ensuring that employees should not suffer from health problems and sickness. There are many tips and facilities provided by corporate people to maintain work life balance and good view on health. There is an old saying that a healthy and happy employee will give more productive work in less time without any wastage of cost and time. This is true in present days work environment and applicable to all. Indian corporate companies have been realized that making fitness of employees will be an added advantage to them by taking measures to remove excess stress and health problems.

Most of the employees personally also prefer to keep fit policies to maintain their body fitness like gym, counslelors and medical facilities. Google Company is the best example for above explanations. They offering play areas with pool tables well as a massage and spa room within it premises. The other company like Glaxco smith also offers a chance to swim in working hours at company premises. HCL is the next company which offers health care, safety, emergency facilities for the healthy life style through the health portal launched by them. Recently they have launched a health portal with free access to the employees to identify and address personal health goals and also work towards striking a better work-life balance and free counseling health acre practitioners and doctors. TIS are another company which offers employee engagement and well being facilities to manage work-life balance for employees! To reduce the time wastage in traffic jams and long distance to offices of city life some companies offering odd and flexible hours to reduce the stress. Ensuring employees remain motivated and committed to deliver their best is the biggest challenge today.

The another company named CITY is also offering work life balance facilities and special facilities to women like mother’s room at key locations, reserved car parking for expectant mothers and policies around flexible maternity leave, alternate work arrangements, sabbatical to provide the maximum support to the women employees. They also offer maximum level of flexible jobs to the required staff as per their work life balance requirements. New generation work force more health concious today and they want to keep their health at their own pace and time. They are more interested to maintain their body fitness and peace to the mind with yoga and meditation.

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