Be professional on social media…Recruiters are watching!!

Be professional on social media, recruiters are watching

These days’ social media is playing key role in brand creation and powerful social impact. Your employers, colleagues, friends, peers and family member’s opinions will matter in shaping your career and how you interact with them through offline and online. With the advent of internet social media is playing key role in communicating in professional and personal life. Now you are not able to avoid social media presence but you can escape for some while. A good online footprint is a powerful way to position and package one’s capabilities, network and access. It also looks as a great way to find friends, employers and recruiters. To find the right candidates’ employers are searching for professional candidates with the help of professional details and profiles on social media. A bad hire will definitely effects the hiring process and productivity levels. Apart from social media profile they will also check that ├óÔé¼ÔÇØare you well networked? Do you communicate well? Are you considered an expert in your field?├óÔé¼ÔÇØthey are also consciously looking for tell-tale signs of undesirable traits that could disqualify you for the job. Do you have anger-management issues? How do you react to stress? Are you racist? Are you a team player? So be careful about your e language and social media postings have been made on your facebook and social media sites. Use below tips to get professional social media presence.

Scrub: To cleanup your profile, blogs, pages, streams and screens and delete unuseful materials. Delete unprofessional conversations and opinions about boss and colleagues.

Protect: Go to privacy settings and separate professional and personal postings. Set up alerts to know the tagged posts and unfriendly the unknown friends.

Filter: Just because it’s online doesn’t mean that anything you say is acceptable. Consider a few simple checks before you post├óÔé¼ÔÇØwould you be comfortable if your mother or your boss were to see this?

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