Be privileged to help an under privileged child education

Children are the future of any nation. But many poor children across the globe are not getting proper education facilities because of poverty and lack of education facilities. Recent studies on child education reveal that India has 440 million children and less than half of Indias children between the age 6 and 14 go to school. In India today, 4% of our children never start school and 58% of children dont complete primary schools and 90% dont complete school. We believe that each and every child should have the equal opportunity to receive an education. But sad news is that many children are working as child labour due to poor financial conditions.


At this backdrop, wisdom jobs has launched a program named ÔÇ£Support a ChildÔÇØ to provide quality education to all children of the country. For this, well give Rs.1 for each social connection added to your social networking group through our Jobs Mate social networking app. Weve identified established NGOs who are connecting poor children to schools with great efforts and responsibilities. This entire amount collected at the end will be donated to those NGOs and spending on tuition fees, school books, school supplies and school uniforms of poor children under the supervision of wisdom jobs. This small initiation may enrich some childrens education and their future. We hope many hands may join with us to make a difference in future of a child.



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