Be confident to be a successful job seeker

You have a good resume along with good experience. If you dont have confidence, it may be a cause to lose your chances of getting job. However a job search is a difficult phase for any job seeker, whether you are a fresher or want to change your job. Rejecting in job interviews and not getting enough interview calls may reduce ones confidence. Having confidence in these situations may help you to not lose the confidence both at initial and final stages of an interview.
Projecting confidence will help you to show your strengths clearly in resume and at the time of interview also. Confidence will help you to describe yourself at the time of interview.
Networking will help you to get connected with your friends, professionals in the same field and helps you to know about the job openings in your domain.
Very useful tool in negotiating salary and other benefits at the time of interview.

Why your confidence levels are low?

Situation of your present job: You might not comfortable with the present job and if you thought that there would not be any growth prospects in this present organization. Your dissatisfaction in your career may also be the reason for the lacking confidence.

Lack of skills: Getting updated with the industry trends and skills as per the changing economy will help you to reach the next phases of corporate ladder.

When your qualifications and experiences are suitable for the job you applied, then confidence levels will automatically boost up, if you feel under qualified or overqualified, confidence levels may decrease. An employer always looks for the right resume fit for the job vacancy. So get ready with an attractive resume for the job interview.

If you feel that you are feeling with less confidence levels, then:

Some interview questions are very tricky and very standard like ÔÇ£Tell me about you? And ÔÇ£Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? These are the questions; you require answering very confidently by discussing your current position, future plans and career objectives. Well prepared for the above questions and list out your strengths and weaknesses in a way that impressive to your employers.

Focus more on your career goals and achievements, projects accomplished and compliments received from your boss in past or present job.

Review yourself on your skills and knowledge, when you have planned for apply jobs and also prepare for the interview questions, which has been asked by the interviewers to answer confidently.

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