Be assertive while communicating to get things done at workplace


Assertive is communicating freely with confidence at work place to get things done in a right manner at right time. But it looks like overconfidence to the other side and it also important to respect the views of other side people. Some people looks to be assertive but they are categorized as aggressive with their open views expressing way. Below tips may helpful to communicate with confidence to get the things done at work place.

Be clear about what you want to say: Assertive is a communication style and experts saying that you should have clear picture about what you want to say and communicate with clarity. Take some time to design your views and objectives to get from your communication.
Bottom line: Your communication should give the bottom line message to the viewers in first few minutes only. Include only related information and avoid unnecessary information. Your message should go directly to the viewers and give final outcome.
Do practice and avoid filler: Speaking is an art and when you speak in front of some people at the time discussions you need to minimize filler using some words like “um,” “uh,” “ya know” and “well” and some other words like and, as a result to get clear results.
Set your tone: Most of the people have low voices and when they communicate it creates big impact on the message they deliver. If you speak in a low, weak tone, you’ll appear timid, hesitant and fearful. To add value to your message, just up your volume to look more powerful and clear.
Don’t use unrelated language: When you speak avoid the language which reduces importance for your words. Some words or sentences like just and I thought of  will give you an impression that you are hiding something.
Be confident: Be passionate while speaking and know more about the subject you are speaking and make powerful your words.

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