Awesome Tech CEOs of the year 2014

Awesome Tech CEOs of the year 2014

Glassdoor has performed a survey to know the most loved tech CEOs of the year 2014. Below are the CEOs are noted as top performing CEOs:

Frank D’Souza: CEO of Cognizant Technology Solutions is overall ranked as 24 lovable CEO of the year 2014. Employers think him as most transparent and proper visibility to the management.

John Donahoe: CEO of eBay is overall ranked as 19 lovable CEO of ear 2014. Employees think him as smart, passionate and sincere.

Tim Cook: CEO of Apple and overall ranked as 17 and employees think him as that he has a direct impact on every one.

Jerry Kennelly: CEO of Riverbed Technology and ranked as 13 and employees feel as he is a fantastic CEO with tons of enthusiasm and energy.

Marc Beniof: CEO of and overall ranked 12 and employees feel him as the best CEO in business.

Larry Page: CEO of Google with overall rank of 10. His employees shares that he discusses everything with employees and answers their questions.

Mark Zuckerberg: CEO of Facebook and overall ranked as 9 and his employees fell him as the best leader to make the world best place.

Brad Smith: CEO of Intuit and overall ranked as 9 and he respects his team to move in right direction.

Paul Jacobs: CEO of Qualcomm and overall ranked as 4. He is a great leader with vision and technology portfolio.

Jeff Weiner: CEO of LinkedIn and overall ranked as I and he spread the culture and concentrates on culture.

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