Attrition a challenge

In India we often see people moving from one job to another very frequently. In fact it has become rather challenging issue for all the firms in India. By attrition, firm’s loose lot of resources, time, money, and the work to be done remains incomplete all the time. Most common reasons for attrition would be:

The articulation of people with their jobs; Right people are not placed in right jobs. Therefore people feel monotonous about the job and leave the firms. One of the most common reasons for wrong articulation is; changing the resumes of people as per the requirement of the job, in other words faking of resumes.

Behavior of Managers; There is a lot of change in management style, but still lot of reform has to be made in the way  managers approach their subordinates. In India a decade ago; education only meant subject oriented knowledge and top scores. Less importance was given to people and organizational behavior and culture. In real-time this all reflected in the form of micromanaging, which is very irritating, few managers push out their emotions on their subordinates etc…. Different concepts of management like open door policy, exchange of ideas etc…Have come up; but there is no full-fledged implementation in India. This is one more strong reason for attrition.

Quality of Job; Most of the times neither carrots nor stick, does work on the employees to stick on to the jobs. Rather the jobs should be interesting and provide the employees the knowledge they needed and should be useful for their future career growth. The firms should provide training in latest technologies and update the employees in pace with the world. It is not always money works (bonuses). Now a day’s learning motivates people.

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