Are you using social networking for job search? Know this..

Are you using social networking for job search? Know this..

Social networking is playing many roles in these days like enhancing network connections and job search platform. A good social network will help you to grow in your career but it is also important to follow some rules and regulations while performing search. Social media sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Tumbler are extensive players of social media. We use social media platforms to communicate with friends and around the world with similar background and interest to chat on professional and personal level. Nowadays many top companies are using social media platforms to generate recruitment process in an effective way or generating lead business. At the same time it is also important to take in to consideration of each and every move you take on social platforms. Below are the dos and don’ts of social media:


Have a strong online presence: Before applying for a job make ensure that you have a strong online presence and this will help you to highlight your skills and experience. Online profiles will help you to get presence on social media platforms and land your dream job.

Google your name: Google your name before sending your resume to employers and check if any negative postings on your name. If everything comes in a professional way then go ahead.

Careful about your tweets: Today’s hiring managers and bosses will check your tweets. So be careful about your tweets and check once if any negative things about the organization or the boss.


Negligence to proof read your posts: When you are posting something on social media platform that many people will read that judge and post some comments on that. Check if any typos and errors are blunders in your resume, it goes the same way for any kind of public writing especially on social media.

Connecting with all: Don’t connect with everybody on social network. Check properly that the connections you have added are related to professional and you job skills.

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