Are you still facing the problem of Unemployment?

After global crisis and fall of financial institutions in USA, the unemployment has grown up in US at an alarming rate, as much as 30%, and nearly 14mn people are availing unemployment benefits from past one year. These are scary statistics for people who are jobless since longtime. Unemployment brings anguish in human terms that statistics don’t convey. This impact has been shown on all the economies including India. In real life, for many individuals and families, the effects of unemployment are devastating.

Here are few worthy suggestions to rule out long-term unemployment and sort out the things that are not in favor of getting job, help you to land in a job:

You will face tough competition

Consensus show that more number of people are unemployed since long time and are desperately waiting in queue to grab a job. In most of the countries, the situation is the same. People will be seriously looking for an employment opportunity right from the day one they are unemployed, because they may be subjected to lose many benefits they were availing while on job possession. As many people are unemployed, probably the negative ness of your resume is subsequently lowered. However, you will be facing a tough competition as the ratio of unemployed persons per open job currently stands at 4.7. You can as well consider moving to an area with better job opportunities.

Keep yourself Current with latest happenings in the industry

People who stay unemployed for longer period of time face the problem still longer, because most of the managers are under a notion that people who were not on the market for longer may lose touch and may not be familiar with the current technologies and market trends of their concerned fields.

Encounter this problem by making yourself abreast of current happenings in your specific industry before you attend job interviews. This develops a trust on you for the interviewer that you are not out of loop.

Keep yourself current by reading latest magazines, newspapers, industry publications and newsletters; Subscribe to blogs and read most of them; Attend seminars and conferences; Keep connected to people of your field through social networking like Linked in and other web sites useful for your up- gradation; Subscribe e-mail newsletters related to your industry. This makes you advanced, more current and helps you to out- beat the competition

People are taking it easy at the beginning of unemployment

People are not looking for a job immediately after they are getting unemployed. Infact, they are relaxing and taking paid vacation wasting their time and spending their severance benefits. This makes them deviated and makes it difficult for them to focus on job search. After few months of unemployment, there exists a long gap. Longer the gap least are the chances to be employed. So, take care to search a job as soon as possible right from the day one of unemployment.

Take a shift from Professional career orientation to Job orientation

Long time back people used to work in the same field for a long time; this turned them into highly professional and skilled in a particular field of work. On the contrary, today due to sky rocketing prices, cut throat competition and growing personal demands; survival without job is too tough even for a single day. Therefore, the people who are unemployed for long periods should be flexible, adaptive, quick learners and open to work on any technology wherever the job opening leads them. You may not like this, but this keeps you in job the entire time. The shift from professional career orientation to job orientation reduces the risk of unemployment.

How could government help?

Government can help the jobless in many ways .This problem of unemployment is avoidable. There are many ways that government could act and decrease the unemployment significantly. However, the government intervenes and provides help only when the unemployment is at high rate.

The government can undertake fiscal stimulus to blow out the recession at the earliest. Allocate major funds for infrastructure projects and other enterprises, which would serve the dual purpose of ruling out unemployment to considerable extent and improving the country’s economy.

The government can also start public job programs in addition to fiscal stimulus packages. Administration of new projects would serve the same primary function as fiscal stimulus, but with public jobs rather than private job. By this unemployment would be declined, essential public projects would be completed. The people employed would spend their income, which increases aggregate demand.

One best idea, which would address the unemployment, would be work sharing. This work -sharing policy is implemented successfully in Germany. This policy need not be implemented necessarily at all the times, but can surely be called upon, at the time of recession and unemployment. Under a work-sharing policy, instead of a firm laying off, say, 10 percent of its workforce, it reduces the hours of each of its employees by 10 percent. The government replaces some of the income; the firm replaces some of it; and, the worker foregoes the rest.

If all the above measures are taken, you can stay out of unemployment and lead a happy and tension free life.

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