Are you serving notice period? Read this

serving notice periodMost of the employees look for better opportunities once they have gained some experience or served for some years in the same organization. Before leaving the organization which runs online business they need to serve the notice period as per the organization working policies and procedures, whether it is one month or 2 months. Below rules need to be followed for better serving of notice period and get relieved from the organization.

Perform your role effectively: When you are resigned, you need to serve minimum one month or two months as per the company policy. This is the crucial period for the employee, because at this moment all the things will be observed by the employers to relieve the employees. To avoid any unexpected situations, work hard as you are not in notice period and do your best.

Don’t criticize anybody: Exiting employees often criticizes about the organization polices and team members and management. Don’t criticize anybody in the organization, as the words get around and it is also not advisable that praising new firms.

Be a good corporate employee: Most of the companies promise an increase in compensation and better roles, and employees use these to renegotiate their deal with the new firm. It is fine to get the best opportunity but be a good corporate citizen.

Maintain good relations: Maintain good relationships in this notice period time and send a personal mail to Manager and colleagues by thanking everybody.

Stick to Agreements: If the company has exited interview policy, then express your views on working with the company again. Don’t give negative opinions. Find jobs in competitive firms, if you are joining with a competitor, then promise them for non-disclosure agreements.

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