Are you over qualified for the job you applied?

over qualified

Sometimes interviewers may feel that you are overqualified for the position you applied. You have to understand well for the reasons you have over qualified and learn how to turn this situation more advantageous to you. When mid level career professionals will face these situations that they will have years of experience, required skills and certifications and other requirements. If they are not considered for the role they applied and stated that they are over qualified is the biggest challenge for them to overcome in an initial phases of hiring process.

Below things make recruiters to not interest towards the over qualified candidates when the job seeker accepts the job offer and they are exactly eligible for the position applied:

Whether the candidate will take the responsibility as you are accustomed?
Whether the salary they offered match with your past salary?
Whether you will fit in to the present organization structure?
Whether you will leave if you get better opportunity?

Follow below tips to strengthen your candidature:

Highlight your skills: Give more importance to highlight your skills rather than the positions you have done. Discuss with interviewers that how your skills will match with the present requirement. Project yourself that you are willing to learn new skills required for the job and adoptable to the job role.

Be flexible on salary offered: Ensure the recruiters that you are able to ready to accept the salary offered by the recruiters. Salary is the greatest worry for recruiters that they will think about matching with your previous salary. So, be flexible and accept the appropriate salary offered by them.

Demonstrate your loyalty: Let recruiters know that you are loyal and committed to the job offered by them. Show enthusiasm to the interviewees and convince them with your past performance details mentioned on your resume.

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