Are you looking for the highest paying job in America? Here are the interview questions to prepare

interview questions to prepare

Here are some typical interview questions for the graduates:

► How many ping pong balls can you fit into a 747 jet? Data analyst candidate
► How many people drink coffee in New York City? Procurement and analytics analyst candidate
► When was the last time you failed? Business analyst candidate
► If a composition of 180 liters is 10% milk, what would be the percent of milk after adding another 20 liters of milk? Anonymous candidate
► What are three things you do professionally that would disappoint an employer? Analyst candidate
► How much money does Coca-Cola spend on aluminum in the US each year? Sourcing analyst candidate
► How do you think youd cope with the frustrations of a client deciding not to implement your work? Associate candidate

Prepare well for below questions to get good paying jobs:

► How many office phones are currently in this building? Sourcing analyst candidate
► How will you convince a client that you are best placed to help them? Sourcing associate candidate
► Predict the demand for pizza in your hometown. MBA summer sourcing associate candidate
► What would your previous manager say about you? Business analyst candidate
► At a four-way stoplight how many times a day a does the light turn red? Management consulting associate candidate
► How many degrees are between the hands of a watch at 9:50? Business analyst candidate
► What is the level of detail you get into while managing projects? Principal candidate
► How many airplanes fly out of OHare airport in a given day? Procurement and analytics analyst candidate
► How was the culture different in this city when you joined school, and what did you do to adjust to it? Senior business analyst candidate
► Tell me about a time when you had to persuade someone with data. Associate candidate
► An airport is going to get a major influx of passengers due to the Olympics. The CEO wants to know what issues would arise and how to fix these. Business analyst candidate
► Why didnt you interview with us when you finished your MBA? Manager candidate

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