Are you going to resign your job? Here are some tips to write an effective Resignation Letter

Employees quit their current job due to some or the other reason and they have to submit a resignation letter while quitting their current job. Resignation letter should be very professional and should express a desire to leave the job. Writing a resignation letter is a bit tough because it’s not all about the intent and message. One may have no other choice but to leave the job, at this point of time resignation letter should be written in a positive tone should also be direct and straight forward, because you never know you might have to work with same people in future. This is also a way to maintain a positive relationship with the old employer. Here are some tips to be followed while writing a resignation letter:

• Addressing personally: Start the letter by addressing your reporting authority with his/her name and this is very important. Addressing your boss in a respectful manner may make your way easy and also don’t forget to attach a copy of your resignation to the HR.

• Mention the exact reason for resigning: Don’t beat around the bush; rather cut straight and mention the exact reason for what made you quit the job, but see that you are not rude and hurting anybody’s emotions. You might have had a tough time with your boss or within the company. Whatever may be the reason, you should not make them feel guilty by putting all your past before him/her in the letter. Remember that you should never write anything negative or bad about your colleagues, your boss or about the company.

• Be precise: It is important that your letter should be precise and to the point. Don’t forget to thank the employer and do mention about the facilities offered to you. Clearly mention the date when you want to relieve.

• Mention notice period: Each and every company has a rule that the employee has to serve for 60 days after his/her resignation, because the employer has to find a replacement for that particular position. Therefore clearly mention adequate notice period. Do not rush and serve the company after you submit your resignation.

• Mention responsibilities held by you: You may be one among the thousands of employees and your boss may not know who you are and what responsibilities you held within the company, during your employment. Therefore clearly mention all the responsibilities that you held. Mention if any deadlines to meet, offer to extend smooth support and knowledge transfer whenever needed.

• Proofread the letter: You may have written everything correctly, but don’t forget to proofread it before sending to your boss or HR. Resignation letter will be retained by the employer, so it should be very professional.


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