Are you going to attend an outdoor interview?

outdoor interviewIt is really excited moment to attend third round of interview once you clear the first two rounds of interviews. The next round may be with the head of department or head of the company. These days’ companies are conducting interviews at outdoor locations to check the candidate’s skills and interpersonal skills which matters a lot in job skills. Interviewers are moving outside of the conference rooms to test a candidate abilities and this is happening with a startup company or an established firm to explore the candidate’s social and interpersonal skills. It is important to get ready for the interviews which are conducted outside premises of the job interview.

Reach well before the interview time: Reach bit before to the interview venue to understand about the company and get relaxed and get right outcome. If your interview is scheduled in a restaurant then chose a table at a corner to avoid the busy floating and distractions. Be available with a pen, notepad, resume and other documents with you.

► Be in formal attire: Don’t be think of attending an interview in informal attire, it is an interview. So attend it in a formal attire to get proceed in an interview. Don’t discuss too personal while taking an interview and take this opportunity to introduce about you and various roles you have undertaken with previous companies and job responsibilities and mile stones you have achieved in this process.

► Be attentive and listen carefully: Be focused and listen carefully that what the interviewer is saying. Because you are in public area and the noise levels of outside may create disturbance to focus with attention. Do not hesitate to ask the question repeatedly if you are not able to listen carefully.

► Interview closure: Thank the interviewer for a good opportunity and providing such ambiance. Give a handshake and expect to hear from them soon. Say thanks to the team who come for interview and gracious behavior, or lack of it, is most certainly noticed!

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