Are you going to accept a job offer? Read this├óÔé¼┬ª

accept job offer

You might be happy when the recruiter says that you are through in all rounds of interview and they are going to offer the job. Now, you have to think wisely and take a decision to accept the offer or not. Compensation, employee benefits, origination policies and structure differs from company to company and makes a lot of sense in pay. So evaluate yourself about all these aspects and take decision regarding this. When you have offered with an offer letter compare with the present job in all aspects like cost to company and other employee benefits. One thing need to discuss was that on which aspect you will accept the offer? Based on company brand or the pay structure or the benefits offered by the company. Your value and experience is differing from company to company and market to other market, industry, scale and employer. The offer values also differ by the supply and demand principle in the market. The time factor also plays an important role when you are going choose the offer. Before that just research about the desirable job for the offer and compensation levels for the job offered and competitors for the industry and your role in the job.

Now, corporate India is following different policies of pay structures like fixed pay and variable pay to avail tax exemptions. Some banking and other industries are offering bonuses to the employees as per their policies. At the time negotiations if they ask for supporting documents, keep everything ready and ask for written documents when they offer verbally. Before accepting or rejecting an offer, think carefully about the trade-offs├óÔé¼ÔÇØcompensation, stability, risk-reward, reputation, timing and country risk├óÔé¼ÔÇØand make your peace with them before you sign up. Be flexible and reasonable while doing your own research and be a good adviser to yourself while taking decision. When you accept an offer ready to commit for that and also consider it as a formal acceptance to engage with the organization.

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