Are you feeling stressed at work? Tips to overcome stress at the work place

Feeling restless or having stress at the work place has become very common because of the heavy work load and work schedule. Having normal stress is ok but excessive stress can affect the productivity and may also disturb the physical and mental condition. Stress levels and the reasons for stress may vary from person to person. Some of the reasons for stress at work place may be work load, layoffs, less salary and budget cuts. Managing stress is very important and making few little changes in your daily routine and in your diet can help you overcome stress and will also make you feel good. Here are some tips to overcome stress at the work place:

• Recognizing the signs of excessive stress: When one feels over stressed with work, he/she loses confidence and will feel irritable and restless. To overcome this situation they can prioritize, schedule and organize their work and work accordingly to reduce their stress levels. Also maintain a must to do list; this will help you to complete your work on time.

• Taking breaks in between: If you have to work for long hours, then try to take 5 to 10 minutes break in between. Do some simple stretching exercises or sit and relax for some time by having some snacks. This will make your mind fresh and you can get more ideas to complete your work.

• Maintain work life balance: Most of them mix up their personal life with work and feel more stressed. This is not good because when you think about your personal problems in the office, you will not be able to concentrate on your work and you cannot do justice to your job. This make you feel more stressed. Therefore maintaining proper work life balance is very important to overcome stress.

• Say ‘NO’ whenever needed: One has to definitely adapt this because putting others work on your shoulders may put you in trouble and will not get time to finish your work on time. So, set a limit for what can you do and what you cannot. If your colleagues are trying to assign their part of work to you, then strictly say NO to them.

• Maintain a balanced diet: Taking healthy food and maintaining a balanced diet will keep your mind and body healthy. This will in turn help to overcome stress levels. Drinking adequate amount of water is also very important.

Following the above tips and doing some home work before starting your work will help you to finish you work on time without much effort and will automatically make you stress free.


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