Are you changing your job?


Change is mandatory in professional life. Changing jobs and joining in organization may happen for many reasons like climbing the next phase of professional ladder, financial growth, work in a branded company and other reasons. Whatever the reasons it may be take the opportunity to present in front of your new employer as you are a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable employee to them. You will be welcomes to the new job with the anticipation of new challenges, new environment, new colleagues and new friends. Joining in new organization may depends on many other factors like previous organization relieving, handling over the responsibilities and other things. Remember one thing, don’t carry the stress form your previous job to the new job. Just take time and rest to be fresh and revitalize. Get ready for new job physically and emotionally with enhanced activeness. Below things need to be take care when you are planning to change your job and joining in new job:

Negotiate relieving time: You have attended interview and everything has gone well. You have bargained money, job role, location and others. Take time from your current employer and previous employer for joining and relieving. It helps you in removing last minute tensions.

Working days: Make ensure that you have weekly 5 working days or 6 days because as you have family commitments.

Financial plans: Do review of your financial plans and think in a way that how you are investing in financial aspects. Relook at the EMIs and others for better financial planning.

Health plans: Now you have got time to check your health and pamper yourself in to a new makeover with more fitness and new look to the new job. Join in meditation and enrich yourself for nourished mental peace.

Check box: Do the things which you wanted to do but not done because of lack of time and busy schedules of job.

Complete all these things once you relieve from your old job and handover the responsibilities and say bye bye to your old job. Now start thinking about new organization by Google about their products, competitors, new launches, market news, services and important people to get more authentic grip in your job profile. Now time to update your LinkedIn profile and be helpful, gracious, supportive in new job. Ready to take challenges and prove yourself to get success in your career.

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