Are you being offered with promotion?


Are you offered with promotion? Before facing the compliments and comments from others evaluate yourself that you are eligible for this promotion or not? Just take some time to evaluate your skills and management skills to perform your job role as a team member to team lead. It will give you a real picture that you are eligible to climb the professional ladder. Before that why superiors should have positive opinion on you and your peers should also support your for being go to next phase of career. Make ensure that you have strong skills and your organization should feel that you are an asset to them with your knowledge and skills. But you can’t impress others without having strong technical skills and without any career vision for long term. You should have self confidence and strong capabilities to go ahead and deal with a team. It will help you to earn respect and confidence among the other employees. Be honest and try to give up to the mark with realistic targets. You may evaluate yourself by asking below questions and take decision to move up to the next level of career.

What will be the next phase in your career?
Have a clear career goal and decide yourself that where you are going and what is your career goal to reach next phase of career. You decide yourself that the assigned job title fits for your experience and skills or not.

Do you need any additional qualifications?
Go to search engines search our job profile and educational details and skills required to perform you job. Take additional training or certification if required.

Do you have required experience?
Some job positions demand two to three kinds of experiences to advance the career to next level. Otherwise wait for some time until you gain real time experience and move to the next job when you have exact experience to move ahead.

Do you have capabilities to do next level job?
Discuss with your boss and know the project details and do little search on that and improve required skills to perform your role. Demonstrate that you are ready to take on more responsibility by taking the initiative without being asked. When you have clear picture about what organization looking for and what your profile demands then you may fulfill the needs of both. You may improve your skills if you feel that you need to improve.

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