Are you an Intern? Read this-


Many students and recent graduates join in companies as interns to earn their pocket money and get rich work experience to make it possible their career life. This will not only help you to get part time job but also help you in getting a full time employment. Organizations prefer to hire interns who have good work ethics and who can work both independently and in a team. Only few of the interns fail in getting fulltime employment. Here are some tips to change their internship into fulltime employment at the end of time:

Put your efforts: Try to be focused and maintain discipline at work. Never neglect your work and complete all the given tasks on time successfully. If possible try to take additional tasks related to your work. This will help you in getting a consideration for fulltime employment.

Take feedback: Whenever you are assigned with works take feedback from your supervisors. Work like you are a fulltime employee and develop a good work place relationship with your colleagues and your boss.

Work more and learn more: Your team members should feel that you are more interested to learn new things and always ahead to take new challenges. This will show your dedication and helps your boss or your colleagues to view you as an effective manpower for the company.

Take training: Clarify your doubts by asking your seniors and take the help of people whom you are comfortable and get assisted with your work. Brushing up your skills and training will add value to your career in future.

Try to be professional: Whether you are intern or full time employee it is very important to maintain professionalism at work and also always show enthusiasm towards learning new things. Maintain professional work place relationships.

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