Are you a Low-Code Developer? Check once

Are you a low-code developer? Check once

The importance of custom software is reducing with the entry of app development software in today’s personal and professional lives. The demand for app developing professionals has been increasing these days and it is considered as the top skill set of the recruiters list. Experts anticipate that there is a need of low-code developer who isn’t a coder by trade, but can build apps quickly├óÔé¼ÔÇØbefore business opportunities pass.

Low code developers are also called as the rapid developers who value graphical, automated tools for creating applications and deliver major applications in weeks├óÔé¼ÔÇØdays if possible. They are not traditional programmers but they have knowledge of both the coding and business with the some technical skills but also possess domain knowledge and are good communicators. They are able to solve business problems rather than technical issues. They have problem solving skills to deal with new projects. Below signs may help you to recognize the low code developers:

If you are a computer science graduate and not interested to be a coder: When you know the process of software development life cycle but you are not interested as a coder. So instead of focusing on coding focus on building solutions to business problems.

If your current job role includes both IT and business: If you are a technical guy with sound knowledge of coding along with the business process/domain expertise and able to define the requirements.

If you are able to use technical tools: If you use technical tools like Excel, Access or Lotus Notes or some other tools adopted by your organization to solve the technical issues then you can make a great impact.

If you are customer centric: If you are working towards the customer needs and satisfied only when they are, and rather than work in isolation, you’re eager to listen to, and collaborate closely with, your customers to deliver what they need.

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