Are you a freelancer? Follow these tips for writing resume


Resume is an important for any job seeker, but it is more important for freelancers in projecting their skills and experiences and showing them as how they are more useful for the employer. Freelancers need to focus more on their core skills and exhibit them to the employers in a way that, how they are being useful them.
Including your employment details in your resume and describing about them in an interview is not only works in selling about you. So, when you upload your resume it will be accessed by employers and when they go through it helps in creating brand value for your profile. You need to focus more on your experiences and expertise of your skills in projecting yourself. Follow below tips to grab the attention of employers:

Be focused on your best qualities: Your profile statement should exhibit your core strengths which were useful to the employers. Your profile should present your core skills in an effective manner. Make your profile statement effective by highlighting your characteristics and strengths.

Don’t include a standard objective: Being a freelancer, never include a strong objective in your resume as it restricts your abilities. You can directly go for the body of the resume, instead of writing objectives. Focus more on your projects, company initiatives and how you will fit in to that job. For part time job your resume should focus you, as you are a professional. It should focus more on highlighting your creative and communication skills.

Include the keywords: Nowadays employers are searching through keywords. So add different kinds of keywords and make it more functional. Whatever is your profile; pick the words that sum up your qualities best so that your resume will be a gateway to your expertise, engaging all your skills. You can also highlight your technologies and applications up to the certain extent.

Cover Letter: It is an important element for any freelancer. So draw the key focused elements of your project or work you undertaken in your cover letter.

Stick to the basics: Never use I or me and use only third person narrative. Write your resume focusing on your skills, work and successes, in a clear way. Describe your education and a small section with keywords. Also mention the name of clients you’ve worked for to add value to your profile. If you have any employment gaps as it is not a constraint for freelancers.

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